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? >> she was living with me and we have four children ariel castro jr. emily angie and ali. >> later on as time marched on suddenly the community learns about the fact that there are these missing girls one of whom is gina dejesus, is that right? >> yes, that's correct. >> all right. were you ever questioned about that disappearance? >> yes, i was. >> i was at work as a security officer for international investigations and was 110 from lorraine plaza. i was told by my employer that the fbi wanted to talk with me and that they needed the patrol car to check it out for any type of evidence. >> did that happen? did you talk to them? >> yes, i did. i went with them downtown to their field office and i was interviewed with them, yes. >> and were they asking you about the disappearance of gina? >> that is correct. they asked me if i knew gina and she ever asked me into the house was she in my vehicle did i ever spend any time with gina. >> why were you interviewed? who put your name in this? >> my thought is that mr. ariel it's troe had informed them. i was living with the girls they were
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1